Odysseus Gambit

2011 | Documentary - Short film | 12min


Gambit is a chess opening  movent  in which you sacrifice a pawn to get an advantage.  Saravuth, like Ulises, does a daily sacrifice, hoping to get an advantage at the game of life.


Direction: Alex Lora
Script: Alex Lora
Production companies: Inicia Films, with the support of ICAA, Fulbright and CUNY.
Executive production: Valérie Delpierre
Original music: Saravuth Inn
Direction of photography: Alex Lora
Location: Nueva York, USA
Edition: Alex Lora
Production management: Carlota Royuela
Direct sound: Carlota Royuela


Sundance film festival (USA) Best documentary

Metropolitan Film Festival of New York (USA)
Best documentary short film

VAD Girona (Spain)
RTVE award

Intermon-Oxfam Actua 
Festival (Spain / Latinoamérica)
Jury’s special mention

Tacoma Film Festival (USA)
Best documentary

Signes de Nuit Film Festival (France)
Best documentary

Madrid-PNR Film Festival (Spain)
Best documentary

FIBABC Film Festival (Spain)
Best documentary

Sardinia Film Festival (Italy)
Best documentary

SediciCorto International Film Festival of Forli (Italy)
Best documentary

Dieciminuti International Film Festival (Italy)
Best documentary

U.frame International Film Festival de Porto (Portugal)
Best documentary

Visual Sound Barcelona Film Festival (Spain)
Best documentary

52º Film Festival of Cracovia (Poland)
Golden Dragon for Best short film

IV Gaudí Awards (Spain)
Nominated for best documentary short film

Vimeo Awards (USA)
Nominated for best documentary short film

L’Alternativa, Barcelona Independent Film Festival (Spain)

Big Apple Film Festival in New York (USA)

Flyway Film Festival (USA)

Harlem International Film Festival (USA)

Cabbagetown Short Fim & Video Festival in Toronto (Canada)

Shnit International Film Festival (Switzerland)

Festival Baumann Terrassa (Spain)

Milano Film Festival (Italy)

35th Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt (Germany)

Readymade Film Festival (USA)

Metropolitan Film Festival of New York (Manhattan USA)

Bronx International Film Festival (Bronx USA)

Wallabout Film Festival BAM (Brooklyn USA)

Gimli International Film Festival (Canada)

Collecchio Film Festival (Italy) 

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