The night of all things

2015 I Fiction - Short film I 18min I HD I Color


Joana, a 7 years old girl, lives in a little village by the mediterranean shore, where her family owns an antique shop. The shop is a big warehouse, full of objects and items spread around, all  dusty, and forgotten. It’s a  beautiful place and unique. Joana spends her days playing in the warehouse and helping out her grandfather in the garden, while her mother recovers from a serious illness. But soon  she will need to accept that her mother won´t  recover. La noche de todas las cosas, the night of everything, is the night, where the experiences become memories, and memories become us.


Direction: Pilar Palomero Script: Pilar Palomero Production companies: Inicia Films with the support of  ICAA Executive production: Valérie Delpierre Direction of photography: André Gil Mata


Joana Lleonart Castellano Manuel Subirats Raquel Caba


Ouchy Film Awards 2016 (Switzerland)
Best direction award

Festival Cine de Fuentes, Zaragoza (Spain)
Best photography award
Nominated for best direction
Nominated for best actress
Nominated for best production design

Fuentes del Ebro Festival 2016 (Spain)

Festival de Cine de Autor – FIC Autor 2016 (México)

Busan International Short Film Festival (Corea)

Calcuta International Cult Short Film Festival (India)

Euregion Shorts Film Festival (Holland)

Salón Internacional de la Luz (Colombia)

Philosophical Film Festival (Macedonia)

New filmmakers festival – Meconio (Spain)

Visualizarme short films Festival, Audiovisual & Mujer (Spain)

Latereale Film Festival of Cosenza (Italy)

Euroregions Short Film Festival (Italy)

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Founded in 2006, Inicia Films is an independent Spanish production company based in Barcelona. After many years of being involved in the audiovisual production industry, Valérie Delpierre decided to create her own company with the aim of developing projects, focused on international co-productions and the development of new talent.

Our feature films, short films and documentaries have been selected and awarded in many international festivals, including the Berlinale (Best Opera Prima Award 2017 for Carla Simón’s Estiu 1993) and La Semaine de la Critique of Cannes (Leica Discovery Prize 2017 for Laura Ferrés’ The Disinherited).

We have produced documentaries with different European production companies and with the support of TV channels such as RTVE, TVC, ARTE, ZDF and CBC as well as regional, national and European institutions.

At this moment, we are developing two fiction feature films, two hybrid short films and a television documentary with the support of TVE.


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