The West Indies fleet

2021 | Documentary I Drama I 68 min I Colour


The discovery of America influenced those two continents that had remained separate and completely absent between each other. Although the true connection will require several centuries to be effective and above all. It will need a special connection to make it possible. That connection will be the Indian Fleets, one of the most successful naval systems in history, which with its constant navigation for more than two centuries, will end up transforming the New World and initiating the process of world globalization.


Direction: Antonio P. Molero
Script: Antonio P. Molero
Animations: Virtual Arts
Director of cinematography: Victor Manuel Casares and Javier Horrillo
Art direction: Mónica Bernuy
Editing: Mónica Jové and Jim Loomis
Executive Production: Valérie Delpierre
Production: Inicia Films, Trueday Films, Pecado Films, Virtual Art, in coproduction with RTVE. With the participation of Media, ICEC, Junta Andalucía, Canal Sur
International Distribution: Artico International


Premio de Creación Documental sobre Andalucía (SPAIN)
Best Documentary Imaginera Award

Festival Internacional de Cine Arqueológico de Castilla y León (SPAIN)
Best Documentary Viriato de Oro Award

XXXI Bienal Internacional de Cine e Imagen Científicos (SPAIN)
Best Scientific Documentary ASECIC Award

Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Archeologia 2022, Firenze Archofilm (ITALY)

The Archaeology Channel International Film Festival, 2022 (UNITED STATES)

Festival de Cine de Málaga (SPAIN)

Arkhaios Film Festival, 2021 (UNITED STATES) 

RAM Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico, 2021 (ITALY) 

Festival Internacional de Cine Arqueológico, FICAB, Irún, 2021 (SPAIN)

Seleccionada para la plataforma Platino EDUCA

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