Thy Father’s Chair

2015 | Documentary - Feature | 74min | HD | Color


Abraham and Shraga, two orthodox jew twins, live at the house they inherited in New York. Since their parents died 10 years ago, they have gathered all kinds of trash and objects, developing some sort of diogenes syndrome. Tired of it, the upstairs neighbour threatens to stop paying the rent if they don’t agree to take radical measures. With no jobs, and facing the possibility of losing their only source of income, and therefore, the house, Abraham and Shraga agree to have a cleaning company coming inside the house. The process quickly becomes an invasion of their intimacy and privacy, against which the twins are forced to fight for their memories, growing up, despite their age, and discovering a new way to live life.


Direction: Antonio Tibaldi and Alex Lora
Script: Antonio Tibaldi and Alex Lora
Production companies: No Permits Productions (USA), Graffitti Doc (Italy) and Inicia Films.
Executive production: Erica Capra and Antonio Tibaldi
Associated producer: Valérie Delpierre
Edition: Alex Lora and Antonio Tibaldi
Cameraman: Antonio Tibaldi
Sound: Alex Lora and Antonio Tibaldi
Script consultor: Yael Bitton
Composers: Bjarke Koleurs, Simon Don Eriksen
International distribution: Cat & Docs
Location: Brooklyn, New York (USA)


Abraham Shraga


IDFA Competition Feature-Length Documentary 2015 (Holland)

DocyDays Kiev Film Festival 2016 (Ukraine)
Best documentary

L’Alternativa Film Festival 2016 (Spain)
GAC award for best feature screenplay at the Panorama section

Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival 2016 (Denmark)

Danish Film Institute 2016 (Denmark)

Thessaloniki Documentary International Film Festival 2016 (Greece)

Documenta Madrid 2016 (Spain)

Belfast Film Festival 2016 (Ireland)

DocAviv 2016 (Israel)

Docs Agains Gravity 2016 (Poland)

BiograFilm 2016 (Italy)

London Open City Film Festival 2016 (UK)

San Francisco jewish Film Festival 2016 (USA)

Antenna Documentary Film Festival 2016 (Australia)

MediMed Sitges 2016 (Spain)

Flahertiana Film Festival Perm 2016 (Russia)

Kosovo Docufest 2016

DOC NYC 2016 (USA)

Verzio Budapest Film Festival (Hungary)

Milan Filmmaker’s Festival 2016 (Italy)

True/False Chicago 2017 (USA)

Márgenes Madrid 2017 (Spain)

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