20.000 species of bees

2023 I Fiction I Drama I Color I HD


An eight-year-old child struggles with the fact that people keep addressing her in confusing ways. During a summer at her grand aunt’s among the beehives, her life and her mother’s will change forever.


Direction: Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren
Script: Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren
Direction of Cinematography: Gina Ferrer
Sound Direction: Eva Valiño
Editing: Raúl Barreras
Production: Gariza Films in coproduction with Inicia Films. With the support of La Incubadora, ETB, ICAA, TVE and Gobierno Vasco
Executive Producers: Lara Izaguirre and Valérie Delpierre
Distribution: Bteam Pictures
International Sales: Luxbox Films


Sofía Otero, Patricia López Arnaiz, Ane Gabaraín, Miguel Garcés, Itziar Lazkano, Martxelo Rubio, Sara Cózar


RNE Sant Jordi de Cinematografía Awards 2024 (SPAIN)
Best Spanish Film

Festival de Cine Español de Cáceres 2024 (SPAIN)
Revelation Award (Estibaliz Urresola)

Platino Awards 2024 (SPAIN)
Nomination for Premio Platino al Cine y Educación en Valores
Nomination for Best Iberoamerican Fiction Film Debut
Nomination for Best Screenplay
Nomination Best Supporting Actress (Ane Gabarain)

Goya Awards 2024 (SPAIN)
Nomination for Best Film
Nomination for Best New Director
Nomination for Best Orginal Script
Nomination for Best Leading Actress (Patricia Lopez Arnaiz)
Nomination for Best Supporting Actress (Ane Gabarain, Itziar Lazkano)
Nomination for Best Supporting Actor (Martxelo Rubio)
Nomination for Best Production Management (Pablo Vidal)
Nomination for Best Photography (Gina Ferrer)
Nomination for Best Editing (Raúl Barreras)
Nomination for Best Art Direction (Izaskun Urkijo)
Nomination for Best Costume Design (Nerea Torrijos)
Nomination for Best Hair and Make-up (Ainhoa Eskisabel, Jone Gabarain)
Nomination for Best Sound (Eva Valiño, Koldo Corella, Xanti Salvador)
Nomination for Best Visual Effects (Mariano García Marty, Jon Serrano, David Heras, Fran Belda, Indira Martín)                                                            

Circulo de Escritores Cinematográficos Awards – Medals CEC 2024 (SPAIN)
Best New Director (Estibaliz Urresola)
Nomination for Best Film
Nomination for Best Actress (Patricia López)
Nomination for Best Supporting Actress (Ane Gabarain)
Nomination for Best Original Script (Estibaliz Urresola)
Nomination for Best Photography (Gina Ferrer)
Nomination for Best Editing (Raúl Barreras)

Gaudí Awards 2024 (SPAIN)
Best non-catalan Film
Best New Director (Estibaliz Urresola)
Best Photography (Gina Ferrer)
Nomination for Best Orginal Script (Estibaliz Urresola)
Nomination for Best Leading Actress (Patricia Lopez Arnaiz)
Nomination for Best Supporting Actress (Ane Gabarain)
Nomination for Best Editing (Raúl Barreras)
Nomination for Best Art Direction (Izaskun Urkijo)
Nomination for Best Sound (Eva Valiño, Koldo Corella, Xanti Salvador)

Feroz Awards 2024 (SPAIN)
Best Dramatic Film
Best Supporting Actress in a film (Patricia López Arnaiz)
Nomination for Best Director
Nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a film (Ane Gabarain)
Nomination for Best Film Script
Nomination for Best trailer (Liviu Neagoe)
Nomination for Best Poster (Cristina Hernández Bernardo)

Forqué Awards 2023 (SPAIN)
Best Film
Best Cinema in Educations and Values

Hong Kong International Film Festival 2024 (HONG KONG)

Palm Springs International Film Festival 2024 (UNITED STATES)

Festival du Cinéma Espagnol de Nantes 2023  (FRANCE)

One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2023 (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Sofia International Film Festival 2023 (BULGARIA)

Brain Film Festival 2023 (SPAIN)

Les Arcs Film Festival 2023 (FRANCE)

Kolkata Internacional Film Festival 2023 (INDIA)

Festival Internacional de Cine de Almería 2023 (SPAIN)

Festival del Cinema Europeo Lecce 2023 (ITALY)

CineHorizontes – Festival du Film Espagnol de Marseille 2023 (FRANCE)

Just Film Youth and Children’s Film Festival 2023 (ESTONIA)

AFI Fest – AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival 2023 (UNITED STATES)

Tokyo International Film Festival 2023 (JAPAN)

CINEMED – Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival 2023 (FRANCE)

Octubre Corto 2023 (SPAIN)

Cambridge Film Festival 2023 (UNITED KINGDOM)

CLAM, Festival Intermacional de Cinema Social de Catalunya 2023 (SPAIN)

Film Fest Fent 2023 (BELGIUM)

Festival du Cinema Espagnol de Toulouse – Cinespaña 2023 (FRANCE)

Festival do Rio 2023 (BRAZIL)

BFI London Film Festival 2023 (UNITED KINGDOM)

Reykjavik International Film Festival – RIFF 2023 (ICELAND)

Athens International Film Festival 2023 (GREECE)

Donostia Zinemaldia – San Sebastian Festival 2023 (SPAIN)

Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy 2023 (FINLAND)

Cinematik 2023 (SLOVAKIA)


Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2023 (CANADA)

Melbourne International Film Festival 2023 (AUSTRALIA)

GAZE International LGBTQIA Film Festival 2023 (IRELAND)

New Horizons International Film Festival – Wroclaw 2023 (POLAND)

Gollut Festival 2023 (SPAIN)

Jerusalem Film Festival 2023 (ISRAEL)

Festival Curtas Vila do Conde (PORTUGAL)

Festival International du Film de la Rochelle 2023 (FRANCE)

Sydney Film Festival 2023 (AUSTRALIA)

FICG – Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara (MEXICO)

Seattle International Film Festival SIFF 2023 (UNITED STATES)

Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz 2023 (AUSTRIA)

San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival 2023 (SPAIN)

Semana de Cine de Melilla 2023 (SPAIN)

Istanbul International Film Festival 2023 (TURKEY)

Kino Pavasaris – Vilnius International Film Festival 2023 (LITHUANIA)

D’A Film Festival Barcelona 2023 (SPAIN)

Málaga Festival 2023 – Official Selection (SPAIN)

Premiere Berlinale 2023 – Official Selection (GERMANY)
Best Lead (Sofía Otero)
Guild Film Prize (German display)
The Berliner Morgenpost Readers’ Jury Award (audience)

At Inicia Films we understand that production is a way to influence society and connect emotionally with the audience. Since 2006 we have been working to promote new generations of filmmakers and thus give them a voice in today’s audiovisual world.

Through the eyes of our creators, the sensitivity of our authors, we accompany the development of international projects and multicultural talent, building bridges between their experiences abroad and their roots. We deal with topics that respond to current concerns and we believe that by connecting people and emotions we can help draw new narrative and visual horizons.

The films produced by Inicia Films have been selected and awarded at numerous festivals, including “Schoolgirls” by Pilar Palomero with four 2021 Goya Awards, including Best Film; “Summer 1993” by Carla Simón, Best First Film at the Berlinale 2017; “La Maternal” also by Pilar Palomero, winner of the Silver Shell for Best Performance, “20,000 species of bees” by Estibaliz Urresola, winner of the Silver Bear for Best Leading Performance, two Forque Awards including Best Film, two Feroz Awards including Best dramatic film and 3 Goya Awards 2024; “Foremost by night” by Víctor Iriarte, premiered at Giornate degli autori in Venice and winner of the Feroz Arrebato de Ficcion Prize; “Unicorns” by Àlex Lora, with Premiere in the Official Section of the Malaga Festival and “Teresa” by Paula Ortiz, premiered in this edition of the Seminci in Valladolid. For documentaries such as “Singing on the Rooftops” by Enric Ribes, with Premiere at Sheffield DocFest. Also for shorts such as “Los desheredados” by Laura Ferrés, Best Short Film at the Semaine de la Critique de Cannes, “El bus” by Sandra Reina, premiered at SXSW, Nominated for the Goya Awards and winner of the Gaudí Prize.


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