Ficción 2023
Paula Ortiz

Los aitas

Borja Cobeaga

La Maternal

Pilar Palomero


Àlex Lora

The treasure of Barracuda

Adrià Garcia

The bus

2022/ Short-Documentary

La Paca

TV Serie/Fiction
David Ilundain

Sine Die

2020/Documentary-Short Film experimental
Camila Moreiras

Singing on the rooftops

Enric Ribes


Documental - Shortfilm 2019
Enric Ribes

Summer 1993

Fiction 2017
Carla Simón

Cop de Lluna

Fiction 2016
Manel Raga

The night of all things

Fiction 2015
Pilar Palomero


Fiction 2015
Àlex Lora


Fiction 2015
David Ilundain

Those little things

Fiction 2015
Carla Simón

Only Solomon Lee

Fiction 2013
Àlex Lora


Fiction 2011
Àlex Lora


Fiction 2009
Pau Camarasa

Beyond the lens: Lacroix, Dalí

Documentary 2018
Antonio P. Molero


Documentary 2016
Alex Lora & AlexKruz

The Disinherited

Documentary short film 2017
Laura Ferrés


Documentary 2016
Rebecca Snow y Antonio Pérez Molero


Documentary 2015
Carla Simón

The interpreter

Documentary - Feature 2015
Antonio Pérez Molero

Thy Father’s Chair

Documentary 2015
Antonio Tibaldi & Alex Lora

Godka Cirka; a hole in the sky

Documentary 2013
Antonio Tibaldi and Álex Lora

Welcome Home : A family story

Documentary 2015
Pablo Rogero

Magallanes, the conquest of the world

TV Documentary 2015
Holger Preusse

My school

Documentary 2012
Antonio Pérez Molero

Chine, le nouvel empire

Documentary series - TV 2010-13
Jean-Michel Carré

Hanging from a dream

Documentary 2012
Antonio P. Molero

Odysseus Gambit

Documentary 2011
Alex Lora

Opera Prima

Documentary 2011
Valérie Delpierre

Four seasons

Documentary - short film 2011
Antonio P. Molero


Documentary 2010
David Baute

The end of waiting time

Documentary 2008
Antonio P. Molero y Jesús Sanjurjo

Made in Cuba

Documentary 2006
Antonio P. Molero

The West Indies fleet

Documentary 2021
Antonio P. Molero

One for all

Fiction 2020
David Ilundain


Documentary - short film 2019
Patricia Ordaz Cruz


Fiction 2020
Pilar Palomero

Founded in 2006, Inicia Films is an independent Spanish production company based in Barcelona. After many years of being involved in the audiovisual production industry, Valérie Delpierre decided to create her own company with the aim of developing projects, focused on international co-productions and the development of new talent. Our feature films, short films and documentaries have been selected and awarded in many international festivals, including the Berlinale (Best Opera Prima Award 2017 for Carla Simón’s Estiu 1993) and La Semaine de la Critique of Cannes (Leica Discovery Prize 2017 for Laura Ferrés’ The Disinherited). We have produced documentaries with different European production companies and with the support of TV channels such as RTVE, TVC, ARTE, ZDF and CBC as well as regional, national and European institutions. At this moment, we are developing two fiction feature films, two hybrid short films and a television documentary with the support of TVE.


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